The 9 Best Airstream Alternatives & Competitors In 2024

January 28, 2024
An example of a popular Airstream alternative and competitor

Airstreams are a classic and iconic camper, but they’re not the only game in town. Thanks to further innovation in the industry, there are a number of great competitors for you to consider when doing your research.

This list of the best Airstream alternatives and competitors will help you understand your options so you can make the right purchase.

Why People Consider Airstream Competitors In The First Place

While the allure of Airstream campers is undeniable, the high cost often drives potential buyers to consider alternatives. You might be one of those potential buyers, drawn in by the sleek, iconic design of these campers, yet taken aback by the hefty price tag. And the truth is that for many, the cost of an Airstream is simply prohibitive (or they don’t believe that the value is there for the money).

But it’s not always about the money. For some, they actually want more features than they can get in an Airstream (and they’re willing to pay extra for this). The RV industry is constantly changing, with new models and designs being introduced all the time. It’s a dynamic sector, and for those who have a hefty budget, it might be fun to try out the latest and greatest instead of sticking with something more classic.

The Best Airstream Alternatives

There are plenty of Airstream alternatives on the market, but a handful rise above the rest.

This list of competitors will give you a wide range of options to consider when doing your research. Some are simple and cheap (compared to an Airstream), and others are loaded with every feature you could possibly imagine.

1. Oliver Travel Trailers

An Airstream alternative called Oliver Travel Trailers

If you’re hunting for a high-quality Airstream alternative, Oliver Travel Trailers should definitely be on your shortlist. Engineered with a unique double-shelled fiberglass and composite hull, these trailers are designed to last a lifetime. And they aren’t just built to be durable, they’re also made with comfort in mind.

Oliver Travel Trailers blend innovation and functionality seamlessly. These trailers are meticulously crafted, and when you’re inside them you can tell that they take pride in their manufacturing process and dedication to excellence.

One of their more popular trailers is called the Legacy Elite. It’s a compact, 18′ 5′ single axle trailer that’s all-season ready with its insulated double-hulled shell. It features a dining area that can transform into a 74′ x 52′ bed, a full bathroom, and a kitchen with all the amenities you’ll need. There’s plenty of storage for your gear as well.

For those looking to spend more time boondocking you can upgrade your Legacy Elite with power packages that include solar panels, inverters, and lithium or AGM batteries. We like how you can customize your trailer to suit your camping style, so you don’t end up wasting money on features you don’t need.

With their commitment to quality, innovation, and durability, Oliver Travel Trailers are an excellent Airstream alternative. The aesthetic is obviously quite different, but you still get a lot of the same functionality at a fraction of the price.


2. Casita Travel Trailers

A portable and lightweight Casita

When it comes to finding camper trailers similar to Airstreams, you can’t overlook Casita with their superior handling and lightweight (yet durable) design. Their unique water-resistant, anti-rot fiberglass body and durable frame are designed for longevity, and they’re easy to handle whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned traveler.

In the industry for almost 40 years, Casita has been dedicated to crafting lightweight travel trailers, setting them apart with high-quality materials and workmanship. Their reputation for customer satisfaction is a testament to the comfort and convenience these campers offer.

The fiberglass shell construction you find with Casitas eliminates the need for siding-over-frame construction. This design, which includes a fiberglass top and bottom hull sealed together, makes the trailer rust-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

And the interior is impressive as well. You’ll stay cool in summer, warm in winter, and enjoy peace and quiet when you’re inside. The interior furniture, also made of lightweight fiberglass, is durable, versatile, and easy to maintain.

Another great thing about Casitas is how easy they are to tow. These campers have an aerodynamic design that offers less wind resistance, making it easy to hook up to a vehicle and safe to control on the road. Plus, it’s kinder on your car and will save you a bunch of money on gas. The independent rubber torsion bar suspension reduces vibration, ensuring a smooth ride even on rough terrains.


3. Living Vehicle

An Airstream competitor company called Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle, with its state-of-the-art off-grid capabilities and luxurious design, stands out as one of the best Airstream alternatives on the market.

But be warned, these are NOT cheap!

Specifically built for remote environments, Living Vehicle is a self-sustaining powerhouse, allowing you to go off-grid indefinitely. They can be configured with various energy-generating resources, including a sun-powered electrical system, eliminating the need to plug in. There’s also the automotive-grade lithium technology of its power system and the massive energy system of the HD-PRO, featuring the Dual Solar Awning for perpetual off-grid use. And on top of that, each Living Vehicle can charge Electric Vehicles, offering a Level 2 charging option (on the PRO trim level).

Living Vehicles are designed to feel like home, with interiors highlighting natural, durable materials, and a luxury finish package that contains some of the finest materials available. With large windows, skylights, and an 8 foot sliding glass door, the design extends the indoor living space outdoors.

In this camper is a neat Watergen® water-air generator that can actually extract water from air! Paired with the vehicle’s massive freshwater tank, multiple redundant power sources, energy storage packs, and off-road capabilities, you’ll enjoy extended freedom on the road and in remote locations.

And the nifty self-supporting deck extends the living space a great deal, providing a unique luxury in mobile living.


4. Happier Camper Traveler

The Happier Camper Traveler model

Another popular Airstream competitor is the Traveler made by Happier Camper. This 17-foot luxury camper is the largest model the company makes, but it’s still lightweight and easy to tow by most standard cars.

One of the main advantages of the Traveler is its flexibility. It’s designed with two Adaptiv living areas that offer loads of configurations, letting you personalize your space on the go. This highly flexible system allows you to modify your camper according to your changing needs. This could be tailgating, camping, or even using the camper as a tiny house.

The Traveler is also fully equipped with a built-in kitchen and bathroom amenities. The kitchenette includes a sink with fresh and gray water tanks, a portable stove, and prep space. The bathroom features a shower, a fan with light, a toilet, and an upper storage cabinet.

The Adaptiv system can also be set up to provide you with two full beds. The front area has a 3×3 grid that can build up to a camper-queen bed, while the rear has a 3×2 grid perfect for a camper full. You can even add bunk beds to sleep more!

Overall, the Happier Camper Traveler is undeniably an attractive Airstream alternative. It’s designed to be a flexible, customizable space that moves with you, providing all the comforts of home wherever your adventure takes you.


5. Escape Trailer

An Escape Trailer

Living the dream in a durable, customizable, and lightweight Escape trailer can easily rival the allure of an Airstream. This is primarily due to the practical and affordable nature of these campers.

Escape trailers are built with fiberglass, which is stronger and more impact-resistant than steel by weight. This translates to an incredibly durable and reliable trailer able to withstand the elements. The one-piece fiberglass construction eliminates the risk of leaks and drafts, adding to the robustness and comfort you feel when inside.

And these are not only easy to tow, they’re quite fuel-efficient! This will save you money on gas and make traveling more convenient. The aerodynamic design plays a big part in this, helping you slip through the air easily when you’re on the road.

And if you’re looking for an Airstream alternative that can be heavily customized, Escapes have an array of upgrade options available. From flooring to fabrics, graphics to upholstery, you can make these trailers your own.

Buying an Escape also means that you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. This not only saves you dealer markup costs, but also ensures that you’re dealing with people who are experts in the product.

One thing we especially like is that the yearly maintenance is quite minimal, which is another great money-saver. This, coupled with the excellent reputation for value retention, makes Escapes one of the best Airstream alternatives on the market.


6. Little Guy Max

The Little Guy Max which is a popular Airstream alternative

If you’re looking for a super lightweight Airstream alternative, the Little Guy Max stands out with its design, deluxe features, and refined exterior style. Coming in at only 3,060 pounds, it’s a lightweight camper loaded with luxury features. You’ll even find a queen-size bed and a spacious interior of 6’7” in height, giving you ample room to live and sleep comfortably on your camping adventures.

The exterior of the Little Guy Max features a unique teardrop shape, designed to deliver maximum style on the road. It’s packed with thoughtful touches like LED porch lighting, an exterior entertainment center, premium tires, and optional Thule Crown Awning, all making your camping experiences a bit easier.

Step inside and you’ll find custom hardwood cabinetry, a full-height pantry, and a residential-style wet bath complete with a shower and a marine style toilet. The kitchen offers a 2-burner glass top stove and an 8′ deep sink, making meal prep a breeze.

This camper also doesn’t disappoint when it comes to entertainment. You’ll find a 3-zone controllable audio, Bluetooth, DVD playback, and even an external mount. And when it comes to safety and comfort, you’re covered. LED lights throughout the camper and simple climate controls on the A/C and furnace ensure your comfort and peace of mind.


7. Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

Side view of the Lance 1475

The Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is another exceptional Airstream competitor that combines quality, functionality, and style in a lightweight package. This travel trailer is Lance’s lightest towable, allowing you to hitch up with almost any midsize tow vehicle, making it a prime choice for owners of smaller SUVs and compact trucks.

One of the most unique features of the 1475 is its weight. With a gross dry weight of only 3225 lbs (3410 lbs with the slide option), it’s a breeze to tow. It also boasts a significant cargo carrying capacity of 1275 lbs, ensuring you won’t have to compromise on bringing all your essentials.

At the core of the Lance 1475, you’ll find composite construction, marrying durability and reliability without the extra weight. It’s not just about functionality, though. The 1475 looks great, with its sleek aerodynamic lines and contemporary, Euro-inspired graphics.

The 1475 standard model does away with the traditional dinette, replacing it with an available sofa bed slide-out option, complete with kick-out footrests and two swivel tables. This innovative design means you have more flexibility when it comes to relaxation and comfort.

Overall, we think this camper is a great value because of the practicality and weight. It can comfortably sleep 2 or 3 people, and it’s equipped with a 26-gallon fresh tank, gray tank, and black tank.


8. Bowlus

A Bowlus camper outside

The Bowlus is a luxury (and pricey) RV that beautifully balances performance, technology, and style, standing out as an elite choice for modern adventurers. This high-end camper’s design is clearly inspired by Airstream, yet it takes things a notch higher.

Bowlus is clearly committed to delivering the ultimate performance. They’ve crafted their RV with an all-aluminum monocoque frame, making it significantly lighter and stronger than your typical camper. That’s not all, the unique shape of the Bowlus allows for unrivaled driveability. Whether you’re dealing with stormy weather or navigating tough terrains, Bowlus ensures a smooth ride.

It’s also a 100% electric RV, allowing you to camp off-grid in a sustainable and responsible way. Its technological prowess extends to user experience and comfort, making your camping expeditions enjoyable in all seasons.

They have unique floor plans that maximize space utilization. The front-door design lets you store large items like kayaks indoors. The design also makes room for a private bedroom, ample storage, and a well-appointed ensuite. All these features are packed into a size that gives you access to national parks and other destinations often off-limits to large RVs.

And in terms of style, the Bowlus is a head-turner. Its sleek, shiny exterior and luxurious interiors exude class, making it a statement piece on the road.

Some say that the Bowlus is more of an Airstream knockoff than it is an alternative, but we think they’ve clearly established a unique product that can stand on its own.


9. Safari Condo R1713

Safari Condo R1713

The Safari Condo R1713 is a camper that offers an experience that’s both comfortable and practical, thanks to its innovative design and features.

It sports a retractable roof made of smoked tempered glass, offering a spacious interior that feels more like an apartment than a camper. And it’s not just about looks. The R1713 is built with an aluminum frame and floor for lightweight durability. It also comes with a height-adjustable suspension, which makes it easier to navigate different terrains.

Inside, there’s a king bed that can be converted into two single beds. You can even create a single bed from the dining area, giving you flexibility if you want to bring along guests. The front dining area is also usable even when the rear bed is deployed, which is a testament to the camper’s efficient use of space.

The kitchenette comes equipped with a two-burner flush-mounted LPG stove and a fridge, giving you all the comforts of home if you want to prepare meals. You’ll also find a flush toilet with a black water tank.

The R1713 also has an outdoor light and a hand shower, as well as a rear screen and side door window screens for those warm summer nights.


How To Pick The Right Alternative For You

Choosing the right Airstream alternative for you is all about understanding your camping style, pinpointing the features you can’t do without, and setting a realistic budget. As you can see, the market is full of options ranging from the simplistic and budget-friendly Casita to the extravagant and expensive Living Vehicle.

Define Your Camping Style

Are you a minimalist camper who loves the simplicity of nature, or do you seek luxury and comfort while on the road? If you’re more of the former, a basic camper with essential features should suffice. On the other hand, if you’re the latter, you might want to opt for a camper with high-end appliances and plush interiors.

Know Your Budget

Your budget also plays a crucial role in narrowing down your options. Determine how much you’re willing to spend and stick to it. This will help you avoid getting swayed by attractive features on more expensive models that you don’t really need.

Compare The Features

Once you’ve sorted out your budget, start comparing features among the Airstream competitors in your price range. Look at things like size, layout, build quality, and any additional amenities. Don’t forget to consider the brand reputation and read some customer reviews. This will give you a fair idea of the camper’s performance and reliability.

Take Your Time

And last of all, don’t rush the process. Take your time to do the research and consider your needs carefully. Remember, the goal is to find a camper that’s a perfect fit. By being methodical and patient, you’ll find the right Airstream alternative for you.

Is An Airstream Worth It Compared To These Competitors?

We’re a big fan of Airstreams, but we don’t think you should get swept up in the hype or the brand when making your purchasing decision. And just like you see with other brand debates (Apple vs. Android for example), people can get caught up trying to come up with a one-size-fits all answer.

Bit here’s how we see it:

Are there plenty of competitors that offer similar functionality as Airstreams for a fraction of the price? Absolutely.

But are they as well-made, well-designed, and pleasant to live in? In our opinion, the answer is often no.

It all boils down to this:

If design and comfort matters and helps you enjoy your time at the campsite or RV park, Airstreams are hard to beat. There’s just something special about being inside one!

But if you simply want a camper that does the job and allows you to explore more of the country, there are plenty of alternatives that will save you quite a bit of money.

Go to your local RV dealers, step inside a few, and even rent some of your potential candidates. That will help you decide if it’s worth it or not.

Closing Thoughts

Choosing the right Airstream alternative boils down to your unique needs and preferences, and there are plenty of options on the market to pick from! Whether it’s the compact Casita, the extravagant Bowlus, or ultra-practical Lance 1475, there’s a competitor out there that’s perfect for you.

Remember, the best camper isn’t always the most expensive or popular one. Instead, it’s the one that makes you feel the most at home on the road.

* All images have been sourced from the company websites listed above and full image credit is attributed to them.

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