About Us

At Varied Lands, our mission is to create guides and resources that help you travel better.

For some, the urge to travel is etched into the very fabric of their being. And for others, it’s simply a way to spice things up and take a break from the usual routine.

And no matter what your reasons are, we’re here to make the process easier.

We put a great deal of time into everything we publish and only source information from travel experts who have first-hand knowledge on the topic at hand. This results in better recommendations, so you can plan more personalized and memorable trips.

We’re excited to lend a hand or inspire you to embark on your next adventure.

The Editing Team

Varied Lands is run by Katie and Pierce, a couple who started exploring the world with big ideas and a small budget. They serve as the lead editors of all guides and content published on the site.

Based in the United States, they bring their passion and wide range of travel experiences to the table. From flying to Norway and swimming with orcas, to pulling their camper through the mountains out west, they’re up for anything!